ZENI and her website adventures

WordPress Brno Meetup #3 and GUG

It was busy Wednesday for little Zeni, working all day long and two lectures in the afternoon. First, she went to GUG (and Besteto company) to support her colleague David who was giving there a lecture on the topic of basics of WordPress. In the evening...

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ZENI at WordCamp Prague 2019

Koala Zeni with her team started their trip from Brno by the train early in the morning. Complications started when she wanted to pay by card for her snack because koalas eat. The conductor directed her to the dining car but unluckily it was made from...

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ZENI - váš průvodce galaxií webu │ logo. Tvorba webu na WordPress, WordPress development. Poznejte náš tým.

What does ZENI write about?

About the design and development of great websites on WordPress and also how to make things better.