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What does ZENI write about? About WordPress website design and development, but also how to do things better.

Jeden z našich významných partnerů je v TOP 100 českých firem

One of our major partners is in the TOP 100 Czech companies

We are delighted to be part of the team and to be involved in the management of the website, which is currently a key channel for generating enquiries, as it ranks first in organic search both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Meme about configuring your site using WP-CLI and using WordPress administration

WP-CLI – Manage WordPress Websites Better and Faster

WP-CLI allows you to manage websites using simple commands without needing to navigate trough many pages in WordPress admininstration. Whether you are a developer or administrator, WP-CLI can save you a lot of time and even get inaccessible website back to life.
WordPress calculator from Zeni

WordPress Calculator From Zeni

During the redesign of the website for A-technology, we were asked to redesign their technological calculator. We not only created a redesign for the calculator, but also added new functionality.
Zlepšite vývoj WordPress tém a pluginov za použitia návrhových vzorov

Improve WordPress Theme and Plugin Development Using Design Patterns

Do you want to create cleaner, more maintainable code, that is lot easier to change and build on in the WordPress environment? Giving some attention to concept of design patterns could make a massive difference here. If usage of design patterns is executed correctly during the development it can save you some time too.
Image Optimization And Compression In WordPress

Image Optimization And Compression In WordPress

Image optimization and compression is very important. It reduces the time it takes to load your website, which can help you increase its traffic. Like that, your website can become more successful.

Speed Up WordPress Websites by Optimizing JavaScript and CSS

JavaScript and CSS slow down the page loading because they have to be loaded and executed. Additionally, a lot of JavaScript can have a very negative impact on the performance and responsiveness of the website. Learn how we optimize CSS and JavaScript in WordPress to help speed up your websites.

Custom Menu For Engeto Without The Use Of JavaScript

We have recently created an interesting solution for our client Engeto – a custom menu without the use of JavaScript. This way, we did not slow down the performance of their website. In today’s article, you can read about how we worked on the menu and about the benefits of a menu without JavaScript.
6 Ways to Improve the Speed and Performance of Your WordPress Website

6 Ways to Improve the Speed and Performance of Your WordPress Website

Everything is speeding up. Many people want to have the most important information as quickly as possible and to get it without unnecessary waiting.
Why You Should Have A Salesperson In Your Team

Why You Should Have A Salesperson In Your Team

Today, we will consider this question: Why should a company have a saleswoman or a salesman in its team? There are various types of companies. Some do have them, others do not. If not, they usually claim that they do not need one. However, it is quite the opposite. Any company doing business online is able to and should afford one, since it will eventually pay off.
Common Mistakes Of WordPress Beginners

Common Mistakes Of WordPress Beginners

Today, we will focus on the most common mistakes to be expected when you are starting with building websites on WordPress. Some cannot be completely avoided at the beginning, but with more experience, they become less of a struggle.