WordPress Development

WordPress can do a lot. We can make it do even more.

Do you need help with something specific for your business? We are here for you.

What can we do?


WordPress Plugins

Move your website to the next level and make it even more awesome with extensions of basic WordPress functionalities.

Zeni helps you with a punctual specification and design of your own WordPress plugin. The next step will be development in shortest time possible followed by smooth deployment to your website.


WordPress Themes

Save your time and money with useful widgets for your customers or even your own optimized WordPress theme.

Zeni finds a correct solution for your business using proven analytical and creative methods. First-class tolls which produce working design on high-quality code will be used.


Complex WordPress-based solutions

Clarify your vision and goals for the future.

Zeni setups tools for analytics of your growth and goals so you can easily achieve them. On top of that we think about scalability of server infrastructure, using the best technology everywhere needed, automation of processes, database and search optimization.