Meet us

We are a company with a relaxed culture reinforced by exceptional freelancers.

We work in a style and pace that allows us to create websites that we, you and your customers are happy with.

Zeni team

Who is ZENI?

ZENI is our and your guide, creator and friend. ZENI is a space koala who followed her dream of reaching the highest point in the night sky – ZENITH. ZENI does things honestly, fully, thoughtfully and at the same time in a ZEN calm with insight and a sense of humor. And that is why ZENI is our role model.

Our principles

  1. We only do things that make sense.
    We avoid assumptions and base our work on facts and information from you.
  1. We consider the web as a living part of the business.
    Do you know that the web is the most powerful member of your team? It works 24/7, all year round. It never gets sick and never wants a vacation. So give it the proper care and leave it to us. We know how to take care of it properly.
  1. We work with people who believe in what they do.
    Business for us is not just about making money. With our services, we want to help achieve our common goals.
  1. We remember that we are all just people.
    We want cooperation to be fun for us and you. That’s why we pay attention to clear communication, a tangible process, mutual willingness to engage, listen and respect each other.
Bruno - Sales Representative


Sales Representative

Bruno serves as a right hand not only to David, but also to you customers. He deals with business and always tries to play a win-win game. He will always be helpful to you as clients and will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

In his spare time he likes to travel, taste new foods, sleep and discover new things. As a trained programmer, he sometimes returns to programming with a smile. He is dedicated to community WordPress events and helps as a volunteer and organizer at WordCamps for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Customer care

You will be the first to interact with David from our team. His job is to take care of you, listen to you, consult with you and propose solutions.

He’s a good guy at heart, even if he sometimes looks rough on the outside. He is interested in marketing and its pitfalls. When he’s not engrossed in Kiosaki’s books, you can find him in the garden of his mini-farm.

David - Customer care
Marcos - Lead DevOps, Senior Developer


Lead DevOps, Senior Developer

Marcos is responsible for the effectiveness of cooperation between our team members. Thanks to him, we at Zeni can pull together to create websites that will help you run a successful business.

Marcos’ hobbies are motorcycles, traveling, hiking and everything connected with nature.


Medior Developer

Jozef is a self-taught medior programmer. He devotes most of his time to backend functionality, helping programmers while absorbing as much information as possible to improve his programming.

In his free time, he enjoys English, traveling, PC and VR gaming, Blender, Unity.

Jozef - Web developer
Mishka - WordPress Developer


WordPress Developer

Mishka usually creates customized WordPress templates. She focuses on an accessibility of websites. She enjoys building webs that are functional and above all simple.


Lead developer, architect

Robo takes care of the technical side of the project, analysis and design of the architecture of your WordPress sites and plugins. He is the most experienced programmer on the team and therefore leads our junior pack. He himself deals mainly with what is under the hood of the website, security and programming of special features of the website.

He devotes his free time to his musical projects, organizing poetry evenings and studying ancient manuscripts. You can usually find him in the mountains or anywhere with good craft beer.

Róbert - Lead developer, architect
Jirka - Copy



Jirka will prepare readable texts for your websites that will interest not only you, but also search engines. Just throw in a few words about your business and an engaging text is ready.

Apart from writing, he also loves jazz in all its forms, cycling and skiing. He is particularly fond of trips around Europe.


Graphic & UX designer

Jaroslav will create the graphical form of your website and make sure that it does not only look good, but also works perfectly. His work cannot be done without quality research, getting to know the client and defining problems and goals.

When he’s not drawing, he likes to play sports, go to nature, play disc golf and spend time with his two daughters. Here and there he jumps in to teach young design hopefuls at BUT.

Jaroslav - Graphic & UX designer