Zeni and WordCamp Bratislava 2019

On the 12th of October 2019, the 8th year of the local WordCamp conference was held in FIIT STU in Bratislava, Slovakia. Zeni koala and her teammates simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend this event.

She hit the road to Bratislava the day before the event in order to steal the best possible places for her team. She was traveling by her superb Earth buggy called Dacia Duster.

On the same day, all attendants had a chance to participate in the Contributor Day and support the local community. Our team was represented there by Róbert Jurinek. Later that evening, David and Bruno Dirbák gladly accepted the invitation to the speakers’ dinner with loads of great good and topics to discuss in a very interesting company. The whole debate was passing in a friendly manner as always and everyone was already looking forward to star on a stage on the following day.

In the next morning at half past 8, David fired up the engine of our koala roving vehicle and we all set off towards the faculty. Then at precisely 9 AM, Peter Nemčok started the event with an opening speech.

Zeni Koala truly appreciated the organizers’ attitude towards the beginner speakers. This year’s WordCamp indeed revolved around this field’s new faces since most of the speakers were newbies.

Our team representatives David and Bruno Dirbák took the roles of the speakers.

Bruno really succeedeed with his workshop “How to Build a Site in Divi Builder” since his audience managed to fill the full capacity of the hall for 70 people.

“I was seriously nervous since the morning because I had no idea if I should wear the blue shirt or the light blue shirt with tiny squares. I was also scared that my hair won’t look good and I will just stand there awkwardly. In the end, everything fortunately turned out well and I could finally get going with David. We arrived at the place and I was unbelievably preparing for my performance for the next 2 hours. I wanted everything to be perfect, every comma, every dot. And it’s here! It’s my turn! Let’s hurry to the hall! I showed up, plugged the computer into the data projector and immediately started my presentation. I was feeling nervous at first, but my nervousness gradually decreased so much that I was eventually feeling like I’m standing in front of my friends. There were plenty of questions at the end of my lecture and I’m glad I managed to answer all of them immediately without any hesitation. I’m incredibly excited to have been given such an opportunity. This experience has taught me a lot and I already know that I want to pass on information in this form again when I get another chance in the future.”

David finished a series of lectures with his “Don’t Make Sites For a Bag of Pears”.

“I had a terrible stage fright since the morning. It was my first performance in front of so many people and I was even supposed to finish the entire lecture day in the main hall. The lecture was aimed at colleagues from the industry who sometimes make sites for a small amount of money and then eventually regret it. I also used some of my own practice in it. Even though my presentation was supposed to last 25 minutes and I carefully prepared every single one, I finished already after 18 minutes. No one had any questions so my lecture ended 20 minutes earlier. That shows that there is still room for some improvement. I hope this wasn’t my last speaking on WordCamp and I will get another opportunity to pass on my practice experience to my less experienced colleagues.”

The entire conference went smoothly, exactly on schedule. It was accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere, perfectly prepared catering and a nice finish. Zeni koala and the whole team were pleasantly tired and full of new experiences. They eventually returned to their cockpits in order to rest, relax and enjoy the goodies in the form of eucalyptus leaves. For this is Zeni koala’s most beloved activity.