Proper creation of optimized website content

How to increase online sales? Part 3.

You can increase online sales, among other things, by properly compiling the content you publish. Web development is based on optimized content, don’t forget to think about it at the very beginning. The content of your site is intended to dazzle the client, and at the same time should be adapted to search engines.

We are creating optimized content, and full-fledged websites that bring you customers and increase online sales. You can read how it works in the article We build websites that earn and increase demand – Warex.

How to have a website for maximum customer usability

“A usable website is one that allows users to easily work with it.” Viktor Janouch [1]

  • The user immediately understands what information the site presents;
  • the user can easily navigate through the website;
  • the navigation of the website must be clear and unambiguous;
  • the website has the search function for information;
  • the website is responsive to all types of devices and search engines.

When creating a website, you should make sure that it is accessible to all users.

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Users don’t read your content

One of the criteria in developing a website is to create it based on how people read on the web. Jacob Nielsen, one of the world’s greatest web usability experts and a researcher in human behavior focused on interaction with a computer, found that:

  • The reader first goes fast through the entire written content;
  • the reader searches for information that corresponds to what he is looking for;
  • For example, highlighted keywords or lists are most interesting. [2]

You can interest the customer, for example, by using emotions or by your overall image. You can read more about this in the article Present yourself and increase online sales.

Search engines and the content of your website

The texts on your website must be written for people but also for search engines, that’s exactly what we do. It is very important to use SEO correctly and also to know the appropriate keywords, so that the user can find easily the website. Good loading performance of the website or descriptions of photos and products (ALT attributes) will also help.


SEO is a major factor for search engines. It specifies the keywords that search engines work with. Here are 6 factors that have a big impact on search optimization:

  • Website title – title;
  • main website title – H1;
  • keywords on the website;
  • keywords (text) in links;
  • backlinks;
  • website indexing. [3]

Keywords should be well represented on the website, we place great emphasis on this. When developing a website, we perform extensive keyword analysis. We will identify the customer’s needs and carefully study the story of the company, according to which we will choose the right keywords.

It is important for the customers to find what they are looking for on the website. You need to be interesting enough and make the website as understandable as possible for customer. That will make users happy and they will more likely return to your site. If you don’t interest the customer with the website, every ad is useless because the customer leaves the website immediately. We can create an optimized website for you that will interest people and search engines too, and increase your demand.

We will write more about properly optimized SEO in the next article.

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