WordPress Brno Meetup #3 and GUG

It was busy Wednesday for little Zeni, working all day long and two lectures in the afternoon. First, she went to GUG (and Besteto company) to support her colleague David who was giving there a lecture on the topic of basics of WordPress. In the evening she went to WordPress Brno Meetup as every second Wednesday.


David focused on the basics of WordPress so that everyone can have a basic idea about how WordPress works, what are the templates and how to use them. Also, he was talking about what are the important questions which should everyone asked themselves before they start to build web pages either for themselves or for his or her company.

In the evening Zeni moved to Skleněná louka to Cvrček’s to attend Rostislav Wolný lecture about plugin Mailpoet.


She learned that Mailpoet is a good plugin for sending newsletters. Up to 2000 subscribers it is free. A paid version is able to send emails more quickly than common hostings. You can find preset templates for emails there. In Mailpoet you can administrate newsletters effectively and it provides you a good overview of users responses to emails. Mailpoet provides statistics of  receivers actions. Eg. if they open the newsletter, if they click on the link etc.

After the lecture there was a lively discussion about where to use this plugin and everybody came to the conclusion that everywhere.

David was also excited about the plugin and he decided to use it for the WordCamp in Brno. There will be a workshop on this plugin as well.

After the exhausting day, Zeni went to the bed to enjoy the deserved rest.