Why You Should Have A Salesperson In Your Team

Today, we will consider this question: Why should a company have a saleswoman or a salesman in its team? There are various types of companies. Some do have them, others do not. If not, they usually claim that they do not need one. However, it is quite the opposite. Any company doing business online is able to and should afford one, since it will eventually pay off.

​Why Should I Hire A Salesperson, If I Do Not Need One?

Some companies have told me that they do not need a salesperson. That their online business is doing well and they, somehow, manage it all by themselves.

This idea is actually pretty short-sighted and from my own experience, I know that I can persuade such people to change their minds after a proper discussion.

A good salesperson is priceless and is able to arrange a lot of important things related not only to business, such as interpersonal relationships at workplace, relations between the client and the company’s owner etc.

How Can I Afford One?

This is perhaps the most common question. A good salesperson usually won’t work for a “lump sum”. They will more likely prefer a partial lump sum payment, while it is more attractive to them to work for commission. That is because a good salesperson knows that even though the beginning of cooperation can be difficult, they can achieve a decent salary after a few months thanks to commissions. And what does that mean for the company? The only possible thing. Discussing how high their commission will be in % and then raise the company’s hourly or task rate by that amount. While 10% won’t do much, 20 % is a beautiful reward.

What Makes A Good Salesperson?

​​To become a good salesperson, one must gain experience from a lot of training and be determined. You will recognize a good salesperson by their manners. Such person is usually extroverted and good with words. Even if you meet them for the first time, you feel like you have seen each other somewhere before and that they are your long-time acquaintance. They consider everyone a partner, not a rival, because they know that only win-win cooperation has long-term positive results.

And why is that?

If they are skilled in business, then they certainly recognize what kind of a person you are and decide to speak to you accordingly. All according to the personality typology. And if they mastered this skill, they won’t be hesitant to deal with you, even if you raise an objection, a question. They can take advantage of the situation.

It takes a lot of work and patience to learn all this, but if you master it, business negotiations become one big symphony, usually successfully ending with shaking hands to start a new cooperation. That is, if the client does not care only about the price.

What Does A Salesperson Do?

A good salesperson always has work to do. When they are not currently looking for opportunities on the internet, they are making phone calls or responding to requests generated by your perfect website. The moment they notice a possible opportunity, they grab it and do not let go. If you offer them a nice working environment and an interesting rate of pay, they will definitely repay you with their skills.

A good salesperson knows that it is not just acquisition that makes money. That is why they constantly stay in touch with retention clients, regularly making phone calls and arranging meetings with them. They inform the clients about online space news and always find a way to improve even what is already great. When it comes to acquistions, they can carefully listen to client’s needs and then explain possible solutions. If the client has an incomplete idea, it is the salesperson who comes up with the entire strategy and distinguishes the client’s business from the competition. They serve the acquisition client the best they can and then retain them. They take care of the customer for several years.

How To Become A Good Salesperson?

I personally recommend business skills training with Peter Urbanec. Or look for similar training in your place of residence. It depends on which form you would prefer.Read books about sales and related processes. My personal favourites are books written by Robert Kiyosaki. However, the greatest book is still The Greatest Salesman in the World written by Og Mandino.

If you are interested in working with clients and you belong to the group of the good saleswomen and salesmen, then do not hesitate and join us. We need you.