Why to have a web designer in a team

You know your business the best. Share it with a skilled web designer who will create design for your website. He knows what he’s doing.

A quality web designer is worth it

We are aware that you know your business best yourself. But the designer knows better what is the best way to present your business in a web environment. The web environment is a specific space and a good designer knows it, he knows how people behave there, how they read information, how they decide and what they are used to. Based on that, he will suggest your design.

A quality web designer is worth it
A quality web designer is worth it

There is an infinite amount of information on the Internet today and users separate it very quickly. Information that does not go through their sorting process is forgotten. Let’s take a look at what a designer can help you with.

Hierarchy and structure

Content is crucial to the success of a website and is a cornerstone of it. If you have the content, keep going. Good content must also be presented correctly. Something else works in print or in a personal meeting, and something else works on the web.

The biggest problems include:

  • Trying to present all the information at once and immediately.
  • Missing content hierarchy.
  • Missing information links within the site.

When a client in a meeting tells me that every part of his content is equally important and all is the most, I ask him what service makes up most of his income (see Pareto principle). After a moment of silence, we are finally on the same boat. It is not always that simple, but now this comparison fulfills its illustrative purpose.

Logical structure of the web
Logical structure of the web

As mentioned, the designer knows how users on the web behave. On this basis, it will help you devise a logical structure of the site, and its individual pages, so that users can use the site well.

The creation process is as follows:

  • Brief – the assignment – Designer will get familiar with your company, its services, products and values.
  • Information architecture – In this phase, the structure of the pages and information that you want to present on the website is created.
  • Wireframe – We already know what pages the website will contain. The wireframe then defines all the specific elements that will appear on the site.

At first glance, may not seems, but this process will save you money. When creating a website, there is nothing more time and money consuming than changing and correcting the structure, which are solved only during the creation of graphic design or coding.

Graphic design

Custom design brings two main benefits.

If your website is visually unique and distinctive, users will remember it better

Unique website
Unique website

Visitors will associate the website with your company and service, then they will remember it. If you build a website, for example on a template, it is necessary to take into account that there are probably many other websites “out there” that are very similar to yours!

A website, whose design and visual content are not generic, is more trustworthy for users

Credibility is crucial to the success of your website. This is one of the main decision parameters. In general, data on the Internet is often anonymous. Users want to verify that they can trust you and that you are not hiding anything. Even such a simple thing as a photo of a contact person immediately increases trust.

It is advisable to avoid photos that are not authentic at first glance, such as those purchased from a photo bank. If this is not possible, the designer will help you choose the right ones. He will advise you on what elements will improve the credibility of your website.

Web accessibility

There are a number of principles and standards that help users improve their way to information on the web.

Web accessibility standards ensure its usability for users with various limitations. Such restriction may include, for example, vision disorders, but also specific situations, such as reading information on a mobile device, in strong sunlight.

The basic parameters of accessibility include:

  • Sufficient font size;
  • sufficient contrast between the content and the background;
  • images on the web have alternative texts;
  • and so on … .

My eyes are in good condition, but when the sun is shining I can´t read most of the text on my mobile phone. The designer will ensure that your website is accessible. You can read more about the accessible website in the article An accessible website is suitable for everyone.

An accessible website is suitable
An accessible website is suitable


This is a brief listing of what a designer can help you with. Anyone who is serious about his business in the online space, should use the services of a web designer. Thanks to proven principles and good graphic design, your website will become a powerful business tool. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.