Website speed and reliability for A-technology

One of our satisfied customers is A-technology. We have built a completely new website for them – from a graphic design, through a theme and a custom plugin, to a fully functional website. Learn how we did it, which functionalities we created and how we achieved speed and reliability on their website.


A-technology has been implementing solutions for heating and cooling systems for the constructions and service of commercial and residential buildings since 2006. They also offer technological heating and cooling systems, such as solar systems, air conditioning or underfloor heating.

We created a new website design for them and incorporated various interesting functionalities into it according to the client’s requirements.

Website creation

  1. Communication with our client is vital for us. Firstly, we helped our client define their exact requirements.
  2. Our graphic designer Jarda created wireframes in which he defined the specific elements the website will contain. Then, he presented the graphic design draft, which we discussed together with the client.
  3. Our developers Daniel (me) and Zbyněk then created the theme and the plugin, once again tailored to the client needs.
  4. The client’s old website was replaced with a new one – faster and more reliable one.
  5. We were then gradually adding new functionalities and described every new change to our client.

Which functionalities did we create for A-technology?

  • Communication with the external service for service requests

We assured immediate resolving of clients’ requests by connecting the form directly to the supplier. The supplier will receive a filled form directly into its internal HELIOS system and will be able to immediately provide the required service to the client, without unnecessary idle time. Also, the service worker can effectively plan his working day.

  • Automatic address filling

The form also includes an automatic address filling functionality based on a selected place on the map. It saves time.

  • Calculation of article reading time

Each new article contains information about how long it will take to read it. Thus, the reader can expect the approximate reading time and they will less likely leave the website.

  • Presentation pages

These are traditional but very important functionalities, such as references, used technologies, information pages or a blog.

  • Calculator

According to the customer’s chosen technologies, it calculates the preliminary price of the order in € and CZK. This functionality is currently being prepared for the client.

Fast and reliable website


  • We use only the necessary minimum amount of JavaScript.
  • Styling (css) loads only the needed data for the specific page.
  • Lazy loading of media – loading images, etc. are not blocking the browser and they are gradually being loaded so that the website is interactive as soon as possible.
  • We create code with an emphasis on website performance.
  • We use as few third-party plugins (running during page loading) as possible.
  • We use caching that significantly speeds up page loading.
fast website


  • We use only well supported and tested plugins. Most functionalities are taken care of by our developers, which limits dependence on third-parties. Therefore, we can solve potential problems directly.
  • All plugins are regularly updated for bug fixes and security holes.
  • We always test everything on staging before deploying it to the production (live) server.
  • We regularly monitor the server.

Possibility to add functions on client’s request

We think of possibility of modability and extensibility in all new functionalities. We created a custom plugin and a Sage theme, which have a clean structure allowing us to continue with the development. We can easily add new features and fulfill our client‘s requests at any time.

Website accessibility

The website for A-Technology met all of the client’s criteria. We have made the website as accessible as possible, which is mobile-optimized, fast, secure and reliable. If you are also interested in such a website, do not hesitate to contact us.