Serial Killer – Why You Want a website created on Sage?

Our Zeni Team had an opportunity to be a part of the international festival of TV and web series – Serial Killer. We created WordPress theme for their new website which is based on Sage. In this article, you can take a peek into our creating process and learn all the benefits of a Sage.

What is Serial Killer?

Creators of all best new series from Central and Eastern Europe meet at this international competition festival of television and web series every year. You’ve probably already figured that this idea makes many fans excited. On huge screens, they can watch exclusive premieres that cannot be seen anywhere else. Furthermore, in the Focus section, the festival always focuses on a different country and introduces its work.

Creating a Website

Since the festival caught our attention, we decided to help create its website.

At the beggining the HTML structure was created by the graphic designer Martin Pecina. It was then necessary to divide it into smaller parts and build an entire website based on it.

We divided the page into following sections:

  • series;
  • panels;
  • videos;
  • speakers;
  • team members.

For each mentioned section, we identified which data will need to be filled in and added the possibility of editing the data in the administration. It was also necessary to fit the data into the prepared graphics design to make content come to life.

Which Functionalities Did We Create for Serial Killer?

Bulk download of photos from individual days from presskit

Our client wanted the possibility of downloading photos from individual days all together in a zip file as presskit. We prepared the functionality that zips all the images and then the user can download them.

Subscription section

The option to buy a subscription was also needed to be added tort he internal web section. We solved this using Woocommerce and Gravity Forms which ensures purchase process, login and also access restrictions on certain pages.

Archiving Previous Years

This is one of the new features. The client requested the possibility to archive series, series sections, panels and speakers. Thus, these won‘t be displayed in standard sections anymore but the client is able to add them to desired pages.

So Why You Want a WordPress theme build on Sage?

  • The best tool for creating templates

It helps the programmer to keep their code clean and readable. Whether we’re talking about writing CSS with SASS, Blade templates, JavaScript routing or Controllers, in which it is directly possible to specify a functionality for a specific template. It’s so much more fun to work with such a tool.

  • It includes Laravel blade templating

This helps us to create simple and clean templates. In addition, we also installed ACF Sage directives in order to make working with ACF field easier and simpler.

  • Because JavaScript routing

Sage already includes the functionality allowing us to split the JavaScript into files and then load it only on specific pages. This makes JavaScript cleaner and we don’t have to worry about unwanted JavaScript running.

Website Perfomance

Whether a reader stays on your site depends mainly on whether you can attract their attention as soon as possible or not. But how do you do that if loading of the site takes forever? That’s why performance, reliability and speed are very important for your website.

Sage on its own will not guarantee that these requirements will be met. However, a good programmer combined with such a good tool as Sage can work wonders. Maybe even do a magic trick or two. After all, performance and speed always depends on the programmer themself.

As with our other projects, we try to load only the necessary data and thus always achieve a fast loading website. For example, we removed unnecessary CSS and JS files, added lazyload of images and many more.

Would you also like to build your website with such a high-quality tool as Sage? Would you also like to enjoy the great performance and speed? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Leave us a message and we contact you as soon as possible.