Zeni and tree planting

Zeni And Tree Planting

Our company Zeni team s.r.o., as a part of the WordPress community, decided to support an idea of the WordCamp conference this year. In 2019, they started with the planting of trees in a new orchard in Otnice. Thanks to us, its second half was created this year.

The WordPress Community And Planting

We are interested in good ideas and we like to support such them in Zeni. One of them is planting trees. It was started by the WordPress community two years ago. The WordPress planting event brought up to 45 new trees to Otnice! When we found out that the planted trees should be fruity and such a tasty and sweet orchard would grow, we were even more interested in the idea. In addition, fruit trees have the longest lifespan, because tall-stemmed trees will last more than 70 years. People who will passers-by will be able to enjoy the fruit for a long time. 

Thanks to the new trees, in 2019, the WordPress community neutralized the CO2 footprint of the WordCamp Brno 2019 conference. In the following years, the conference took place only in the online space. Zeni also participated in the WordCamp Brno 2019. You can read more about the event in the article Zeni and WordCamp Brno 2019

Tree Planting

The Zeni team is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, so we came up with the idea to contribute to 45 trees planted at the WordPress event and plant another 45. Together with the residents of Otnice, the second half of the orchard was planted on November 13, 2021 and it can now be enjoyed by everyone who will walk by.

planting fruit trees

The orchard will offer small fruit snacks on 90 different trees, among which you can indulge in cherries, apples, pears, apricots or plums. Thanks to the different varieties, you will find fruits on the trees during your walk from spring to autumn.

A Vision For The Future

In the past, there used to be orchards near almost every village, we could take a walk in them and try some fruits. In Zeni, we would like to contribute 50 fruit trees every year in the future, which the villagers will be able to plant together. Everyone who will walk by will be able to visit the orchads that will be created on the lands of villages. We are going to create a little fruit joy not only for people, but also for nature and Mother Earth, which really needs trees these days.

The inhabitants of Otnice plant fruit trees

Do you want to hear from us about the fruit orchard project in the future? Don’t miss anything and learn some news from the WordPress world too. Subscribe to the newsletter and we will be happy to welcome you.

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Creating a Website for i4comfort

Creating a Website for i4comfort

The i4comfort application by A-technology brings complex yet simple solutions for a remote control of technology in your house. The idea of reducing heating costs, and thus also reducingthe CO2 footprint thanks to an intelligent technology control, attracted us and we were pleased to be involved in creating of a website for this application.

Why And How It Was Created

We created the website for i4comfort in CMS WordPress of an already existing client, for whom we launched a completely new production website this year. The company A-TECHNOLOGY s.r.o. has its presentation website a-technology.cz, so it was not only important to design the i4comfort website in a similar way as the parent one, but also to create a new identity for the new website at the same time.

A Comparison Between the Old And the New Website

The old i4comfort website had several drawbacks:

  • It did not meet the security criteria.
  • There was no development environment in the form of staging.
  • Its logo and appearance were outdated.
  • It was not responsive.
Old website

The new website:

  • It is fully responsive.
  • In multiple places, it has a CTA button calling for action, making it more likely to gain a customer.
  • We created a new logo and a new website design.
Home page of i4comfort

The Website Graphics

  • The website graphics correspond to the graphics of the mentioned parent website.
  • However, the new website has a unique and memorable design.
  • Its unique website identity makes it clear that it is a separate website.
  • At the same time, it feels familiar to customers of a-technology.
  • Information is not only communicated through text, but is also displayed graphically in many places, making it more memorable and clear.

Technical Functions

A Modern Experience

The website contains many visual effects which do not slow it down thanks to their careful integration. The website is also responsive on any device.

  • Many animations and interactive parts use only styling options (css).
  • There is no need to load JavaScript because of some clickable interactive sections where it is used very often on other websites.
  • Thus, the website is much faster, and yet provides the same quality experience, such as here:
Visual effects of website

The Website Responds to the User

The symbols of each technology change according to what the user is currently reading. The CTA button, icons, or navigation elements (top menu, dots on the right) also change according to the positions on the website. You can see everything on website „Jak funguje i4comfort“.

The Website Responds to the User

On page ,,Možnosti využití”, the images change interactively according to what the user reads. Thus, the reader can easily imagine what exactly they read about and also remember it better. This creates a unique, fast and interactive experience that will attract users.

Benefits of the New Website

Theme Built on Sage

Easy Configurability

  • The theme programmed by us for WordPress allows easy configurability.
  • The behaviour and style of the page header are separately configurable.
  • All content is easily editable without the need of developer’s intervention.

Mobile/Desktop Usability

The desktop environment is far from being just an enlarged mobile environment.  A good experience for every user is important to us.

  • All of the desktop space is used. Thus, as much information as possible is displayed on the screen and the website does not seem empty even on larger screens.
  • The mobile environment is adjusted for being used with a finger and also on smaller screens.
  • On a mobile, everything is easily clickable, simply and quickly accessible.
  • Many sections look significantly different on a mobile and a desktop.
  • For a better experience, many parts were simplified for a mobile. Some visual aspects used for a desktop were removed, because they had no added value for the mobile user.
Website is responsible

For i4comfort, we have created a new fast and clear website with a plenty of improvements. If you need help with creating of your website and want to provide your customers with a quality experience, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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A Website Form – A Good Helper

A Website Form – A Good Helper

“Why is it a good idea to have a form on a website?” Today, we will adress this question. If you are creating a website for any type of a client, it is always a good idea to include a form. Some clients do not like making phone calls and prefer to request the service via the form. If you do not offer them this service, you might lose them.

Types of Forms

1. A simple inquiry form

This is a form that only consists of:

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Additional information for us

This form can be found on websites of sole traders or companies usually offering only one service.

A simple inquiry form

2. A more complex inquiry form

We usually choose this type of a form for a client who is offering more types of services or selling more types of products, but is not yet interested in selling their services and products via an e-shop. For example, this type of a form might consist of:

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Service/product – a selection from 2 to X  
  • Additional information for us

This form is usually used by those who require more information from their clients already at the beginning via the form, so they avoid bothering their clients and themselves with “unnecessary” phone calls regarding additional information later.

A more complex inquiry form

3. A multilevel inquiry form

When it comes to this type of a form, it is necessary to specify its structure in detail with our client. The better the specification is,  the better the quality of incoming inquiries will be. 

This type of a form is used by companies that manufacture more than two different products and have more than one production segments. These products/segments can have more than one type. These products are also sold both in the B2B and B2C spheres.

Therefore, it is necessary to fit as many questions as possible into the form, but also make them clear and logically subsequent. The form can contain a lot of information with different conditions. When a certain type of a segment is selected, only a specific selection of products for that specific segment will be displayed. This way, you can get an accurate specification of your client’s inquiry, which can then immediately be sent to a certain employee who can quickly start working on it. This will shorten the procedural time, which the client will certainly appreciate.

A multilevel inquiry form
A multilevel inquiry form

4. A form connected to a system

Sometimes, our clients want their form to be directly connected to their internal system. Not only it simplifies the work, but it essentially makes it more efficient and helps avoid possible errors caused by a human factor. All the information acquired from the website’s visitors are being directly sent to the internal system and to the certain person (employee).

A form connected to a system

A service order (an inquiry)  is sent to the Orion system and to the service technician (to their mobile app). The service technician recieves relevant information about the service order including a map location. Thus, they can plain their route and handle more service orders per day.

Form Benefits

A valuable contact information

If a potential client gives us their contant information (their e-mail or, in the best case, a telephone), the sales department is then able to contact them.

More detailed information

The more detailed the form, the more accurate information we acquire from it. However, we always make sure that the form does not become a village gossip with million unnecessary questions.

Inquiry segmentation

Larger companies have a special trader for each type of a product. If the assistant, or even the form itself, knows who they should assign the inquiry to, they will automatically do so. This shortens the reaction time and the specialist can react very quickly.

Ideal Forms


Each form should consist of only the most important information required from the client.


In forms, we prefer to use common terms instead of professional ones. Not every visitor might understand them, since they can be from outside of our industry.

Tools and Plugins Used to Create Forms


There are plenty of them for WordPress. I will mention just a few of them:

Contact form 7

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types

Caldera Forms


You can purchase extended versions of some of the free plugins. I recommend the following ones:

Caldera Forms

Gravity Forms


  1. Specify as much as possible with your client before you create the form.
  2. Decide which information is really necessary to acquire from the visitor/potential client.
  3. Less is sometimes more. Include only the necessary in the form.
  4. Choose a good plugin. Some builders already have a built-in contact form.
  5. The more visitors your website gets thanks to the contact form, the better your chances of selling your product.

If you are interested in any mentioned form and want help creating it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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5 Things We Must Not Forget When Creating a Website

5 Things We Must Not Forget When Creating a Website

Creating a website is a complex process that consists of several activities. From market research, through graphic design, web programming, text creation to the launch of the website. Read the following 5 things that are very important to us when creating a website and are always taken into account.

Keywords Analysis and Goal Setting

People type various terms into search engines to help them find what they are looking for. With keywords analysis, we can find phrases that are frequently searched for and are also related to your website’s content. This helps us find out which specific keywords visitors will be able to reach your website with.

Before creating a website, the most important thing is to define principles and values of the company, which will help to analyze keywords. It is necessary to focus on the company’s vision for the future and also on its story. Then, it is necessary to determine the company’s goals. Based on these factors, we will create a website for a quality variety of clients. 

Keywords analysis is an important priority for the success of your website, which then leads to search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Thanks to SEO optimization, we can get your website among the top search results much easier. With the current level of search competition, the best possible search engine optimization is a must. 

For SEO optimization, we not only “tune” the texts on the website. It is a more complex process. What is important for optimization and what do we focus on?

  • Loading speed
  • website security
  • photo and product description; 
  • pictures; 
  • text optimization
  • correct headings, titles; 
  • SEO technical setting; 
  • and many more …

—> About poper creation of optimized website content, you can learn here: Proper creation of optimized website content

—> How to write articles for SEO, which we do, can be read here: SEO – How to write articles to be readable and optimized for search engines


The proper text writing on the website is the basis of the already mentioned search engine optimization and also of the web creation itself. Therefore, it is important to write texts that are not only interesting, but also gramatically correct with the use of appropricate keywords. Copywriting consists of preparation of texts in accordance with an analysis of your target audience and their optimization for search engines using keywords, the correct hierarchy of headings, etc.

You can read more about the essential elements of an article here: What essentials elements should be part of any article?

Website accessibility

Remember that it should be as easy as possible for the visitor to navigate through your page. Moreover, over 67 % of users browse the Internet on a mobile phone or a tablet today. If the visitor don’t find what they are looking for, the website is too complicated for them, various windows pop up on the website, or the website is overwhelmed by adds, they immediately leave and thus increase your website bounce rate, which also worsens SEO.

That’s why we create websites that always meet the necessary criteria. It is important to us to assure that your website is responsive and as accessible as possible to all visitors.

Accessible sites and the most common problems of websites were explained by our colleague Mishka here: An accessible website is suitable for everyone

How did we help with website accessibility? Read our case studies to find out:

—> Even a large school with a lot of activities can have a clear website

—> Accessible website for Primary and nursery School in Otnice

—> Website for Hrušovany Kindergarten on the Accessible School Theme


If you want a really powerful website that delivers results, SEO optimization alone is not enough. When creating a website, you should consider how exactly you want to present it to your visitors. Will you write a blog? Will you offer various promotions or benefits? How do you want the reviews to be incorporated on your website? Based on your decisions and needs, we will adjust the website’s creating and design. After its launch, it is also important to invest in marketing, such as PPC campaigns or social media visibility, which we are also glad to help you with. 

You can read about how to properly prepare for marketing here: Prepare properly for marketing

If you want your website to be efficient and customer gaining, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you. 

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Website speed and reliability for A-technology

Website speed and reliability for A-technology

One of our satisfied customers is A-technology. We have built a completely new website for them – from a graphic design, through a theme and a custom plugin, to a fully functional website. Learn how we dit it, which functionalities we created and how we achieved speed and reliability on their website.


A-technology has been implementing solutions for heating and cooling systems for the constructions and service of commercial and residential buildings since 2006. They also offer technological heating and cooling systems, such as solar systems, air conditioning or underfloor heating.

We created a new website design for them and incorporated various interesting functionalities into it according to the client’s requirements.

Website creation

  1. Communication with our client is vital for us. Firstly, we helped our client define their exact requirements.
  2. Our graphic designer Jarda created wireframes in which he defined the specific elements the website will contain. Then, he presented the graphic design draft, which we discussed together with the client.
  3. Our developers Daniel (me) and Zbyněk then created the theme and the plugin, once again tailored to the client needs.
  4. The client’s old website was replaced with a new one – faster and more reliable one.
  5. We were then gradually adding new functionalities and described every new change to our client.

Which functionalities did we create for A-technology?

  • Communication with the external service for service requests

We assured immediate resolving of clients’ requests by connecting the form directly to the supplier. The supplier will receive a filled form directly into its internal HELIOS system and will be able to immediately provide the required service to the client, without unnecessary idle time. Also, the service worker can effectively plan his working day.

  • Automatic address filling

The form also includes an automatic address filling functionality based on a selected place on the map. It saves time.

  • Calculation of article reading time

Each new article contains information about how long it will take to read it. Thus, the reader can expect the approximate reading time and they will less likely leave the website.

  • Presentation pages

These are traditional but very important functionalities, such as references, used technologies, information pages or a blog.

  • Calculator

According to the customer’s chosen technologies, it calculates the preliminary price of the order in € and CZK. This functionality is currently being prepared for the client.

Fast and reliable website


  • We use only the necessary minimum amount of JavaScript.
  • Styling (css) loads only the needed data for the specific page.
  • Lazy loading of media – loading images, etc. are not blocking the browser and they are gradually being loaded so that the website is interactive as soon as possible.
  • We create code with an emphasis on website performance.
  • We use as few third-party plugins (running during page loading) as possible.
  • We use caching that significantly speeds up page loading.
fast website


  • We use only well supported and tested plugins. Most functionalities are taken care of by our developers, which limits dependence on third-parties. Therefore, we can solve potential problems directly.
  • All plugins are regularly updated for bug fixes and security holes.
  • We always test everything on staging before deploying it to the production (live) server.
  • We regularly monitor the server.

Possibility to add functions on client’s request

We think of possibility of modifiability and extensibility in all new functionalities. We created a custom plugin and a Sage theme, which have a clean structure allowing us to continue with the development. We can easily add new features and fulfill our client‘s requests at any time.

Website accessibility

The website for A-Technology met all of the client’s criteria. We have made the website as accessible as possible, which is mobile-optimized, fast, secure and reliable. If you are also interested in such a website, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Serial Killer – Why You Want a website created on Sage?

Serial Killer – Why You Want a website created on Sage?

Our Zeni Team had an opportunity to be a part of the international festival of TV and web series – Serial Killer. We created wordpress theme for their new website which is based on Sage. In this article, you can take a peek into our creating process and learn all the benefits of a Sage.

What is Serial Killer?

Creators of all best new series from Central and Eastern Europe meet at this international competition festival of televison and web series every year. You‘ve probably already figured that this idea makes many fans excited. On huge screens, they can watch exclusive premieres that cannot be seen anywhere else. Furthermore, in the Focus section, the festival always focuses on a different country and introduces its work.

Creating a Website

Since the festival caught our attention, we decided to help create its website.

At the beggining the HTML structure was created by the graphic designer Martin Pecina. It was then necessary to divide it into smaller parts and build an entire website based on it.

We divided the page into following sections:

  • series;
  • panels;
  • videos;
  • speakers;
  • team members.

For each mentioned section, we identified which data will need to be filled in and added the possibility of editing the data in the administration. It was also necessary to fit the data into the prepared graphics design to make content come to life.

Which Functionalities Did We Create for Serial Killer?

Bulk download of photos from individual days from presskit

Our client wanted the possibility of downloading photos from individual days all together in a zip file as presskit. We prepared the functionality that zips all the images and then the user can download them.

Subscription section

The option to buy a subscription was also needed to be added tort he internal web section. We solved this using Woocommerce and Gravity Forms which ensures purchase process, login and also access restrictions on certain pages.

Archiving Previous Years

This is one of the new features. The client requsted the possibility to archive series, series sections, panels and speakers. Thus, these won‘t be displayed in standard sections anymore but the client is able to add them to desired pages.

So Why You Want a wordpress theme build on Sage?

  • The best tool for creating templates

It helps the programmer to keep their code clean and redable. Whether we’re talking about writing CSS with SASS, Blade templates, Javascript routing or Controllers, in which it is directly possible to specify a functionality for a specific template. It’s so much more fun to work with such a tool.

  • It includes Laravel blade templating

This helps us to create simple and clean templates. In addition, we also installed ACF Sage directives in order to make working with ACF field easier and simpler.

  • Because JavaScript routing

Sage already includes the functionality allowing us to split the JavaScript into files and then load it only on specific pages. This makes JavaScript cleaner and thewe dont have to worry about unwanted Javacript running.

Website Perfomance

Whether a reader stays on your site depends mainly on whether you can attract their attention as soon as possible or not. But how do you do that if loading of the site takes forever? That’s why performance, reliability and speed are very important for your website.

Sage on its own will not guarantee that these requirements will be met. However, a good programmer combined with such a good tool as Sage can work wonders. Maybe even do a magic trick or two. After all, performance and speed always depends on the programmer themself.

As with our other projects, we try to load only the necessary data and thus always achieve a fast loading website. For example, we removed unnecessary CSS and JS files, added lazyload of images and many more.

Would you also like to build your website with such a high-quality tool as Sage? Would you also like to enjoy the great performance and speed? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Leave us a message and we contact you as soon as possible.

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What essentials elements should be part of any article?

What essentials elements should be part of any article?

Each article should follow certain requirements to be prepared for publication. 

Don’t know what the follow terms, used to write an article, mean?

  • Main title (H1);
  • lead paragraph;
  • introduction;
  • subheadings (H2, H3 and other);
  • main content;
  • summary;
  • meta description,

then you will find answers in this article, including using of the categories and the correct elements of the content.

Main title

  • The title should be at least 50 characters long, but the optimal length is 70 characters.
  • Try placing the keyword in the first position in the title.
  • The title should contain a verb to increase the expressiveness of the article. Verb should be contained in one of the first 5 words.

Lead paragraph

  • It is the first paragraph in the whole aticle. Here we ask questions of who, when, where and why.
  • Lead paragraph should be bold text at the beginning of the article. The optimal length for lead paragraph is 1-4 lines.
  • The Lead paragraph should state what the article is about, but the title of the article should not be repeated.

Introductory paragraph

We follow up on lead paragraph smoothly with an introductory paragraph. The optimal length for the introductory paragraph is 1-4 lines, but somethimes maybe one line is enough.

H2, H3 and other

Subheadings help us to make the article more readable. Use and compose keywords here as well. Make sure that the subheadings are formated correctly. If the subheadings don’t have layout, the article is not easily usable for the reader, he is more likely to close the website and leave.

With H2 and other headings, you don’t have to create long headlines as with the main title (H1), a few characters is enough.


We talked about this in more detail in How to write articles to be readable and optimized for search engines, feel free to go trough.

In a nutshell, the ideal length for paragraphs is 1.5-5 lines. It is a good practise not to write each paragraph the same length so that the reader doesn’t find the text too uniform.


In the summary the CTA or CALL TO ACTION should be used if applicable.

For CTA you can use sentences like:

  • If you liked the article, leave us a comment on how do you like our new product.
  • If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.
  • Do you like our new product? You can contact us at any time with further questions.

The summary should never repeat the information already mentioned in the article!

Meta description

It is similar to lead paragraph, but it is a paragraph that appears below your link in a search engine result. The meta title is displayed first and below it, you can find this meta description paragraph where you should provide information about the article with sufficient appeal.

Pay particular attention to the this so that you do not repeat the same verbs and the same appeals. 

Meta description should be around 140-160 characters.

List resources

If you are inspired by other websites or books, always mention the source from which you used the information. If you do not, you can get in to trouble because of copyright

Use internal and external links

It is good practise to include a linksin the text and at least one link should lead to your site. This may be a call to purchase or a redirect to another article. Incorporate the external links into the content in the same way, but never force it! If this is not possible, it is better not to change the text, than to spoil it. 


Articles should also include images that can refresh your text. You can download the images for free in the free photo bank or you can make your own photos. It’s always better to use your own photos!

ALT attributes are associated with images, they serve as a description of the photo in situations where the reader can not see the image. It is therefore important to describe the photos properly. For example: „White notebook with notes, on which a blue pen is placed. There is a blue ink blot on the table.” This sentence is sufficient as a description, as your targered keyword is the word ink.

Remember that it’s also a beneficial to use a keyword in ALT attributes if it’s associated with the photo.

Ending advice

Do not use underlined words – if you use an underlined word or sentence in an article, they may lead to missunderstanding that undrelined words are links and the reader may try to click on this content but nothing happens. This also applies to blue font color.

If you still hesitate and you are just not too confident about creating the articles, you can always find someone who can take care of this and who can help you with your articles.

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How to create staging environment?

How to create staging environment?

In the previous article we discussed why it is a good idea to have a staging environment. Now it is time to get our hands dirty and create actual environments. Before we start, let’s sum up the requirements for staging environment.

1. Production-like Environment

Make sure your staging environment uses the very same versions of all software in stack. That means the same version of operating system, database, PHP, server app etc. Every app behaves differently in other versions and even under another OS. Your WordPress, plugins and theme version should be the same on staging as on production. This will let you test and diagnose the production bugs precisely and debug them. 

Having the same caching rules and policy on all levels in both environments is important too. This can uncover for example problems with caching security wp nonces for forms or other caching-related issues.

2. Non-public Environment

Your staging environment is meant for internal purposes such as debugging, testing, showing changes to a client. You should avoid publishing your staging environment due to many reasons. One of them is duplicate content for Google, shooting your SEO-self in the foot. Best approach is to use Basic Auth username and password, which you can easily share inside your team or with your client, but it will create a non-penetrable membrane for bots and outer world.

Standard shared hosting

If you are on a budget and you use the “standard” hosting solution, creating a staging environment is a bit tricky, but not impossible. Many hosting providers allow you to create another site on the subdomain e.g. staging.example.com or as a subfolder example.com/staging. If there is no option in your dashboard to “create a new site”, you should follow these general steps:

  1. Investigate which type of install is allowed (subdomain vs. subfolder).
  2. Create a new (S)FTP user to access the root directory of your staging website. This usually is somethink like (ROOT/subdom/staging, ROOT/staging).
  3. Setup a new database user and a new database if possible. In the case when both production and staging sites share DB, you need to make sure that staging site uses the different $table_prefix.
  4. If you are using a subdomain install, point the subdomain to the IP of hosting server. Make sure to create SSL certificate for this subdomain inside hosting panel.
  5. Export database from your production site. In this step it is important to run a search-replace on all your tables to change URLs of production to the staging ones. Also change the prefixes of tables if applicable.
  6. Import database with changed URLs and prefixes.
  7. Copy files from your web root of production site.
  8. Edit wp-config.php to match all settings (new URL, database credentials, wp salts, table prefix etc.).
  9. Copy all the files to the root of staging site.
  10. Edit the .htaccess and .htpasswd to enable basic auth protection.
  11. Access your new staging site.

Since your new staging site is on the very same server as your production you won’t need any extra hacks about settings. Just make sure you have set the same memory and PHP timeout limits. Some hosting providers also allow to use other version of PHP/DB engine to be run on your staging site, which is great for testing before you upgrade your production site.

Professional Hosting or Managed Server

Many professional hosting providers or managed server providers allow you to easily create a staging environment out of a dashboard. Just search for “environments” or “staging/testing” inside your dashboard or consult with support. Staging environment is usually a part of your subscription fee so no extra charges should be applied.

Self-managed Server

Are you managing your server by yourself? Great! As a first improvement, you should start using configuration management tool such as Ansible or Puppet. Do it even if you manage just one server now. You will see how it makes your life easier

Here at Zeni we use Trellis, which is a collection of Ansible playbooks for WordPress projects. It already comes with preset environments for development, staging and production along with automated deployment and provisioning. You can have your environments automated just in hours

Do you need help with your staging environment or hosting solution? We provide professional hosting solutions with full automation of deployment and releases based on Ansible and Gitlab CI as well as consultations on how to make your projects easily managed. Reach us out via contact form and we will discuss with you the best option for your project.

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SEO – How to write articles to be readable and optimized for search engines

SEO – How to write articles to be readable and optimized for search engines

How to increase online sales? Part 4.

SEO optimization is a broad concept that is ultimately very simple. It is the use of tools that will move the article to the top of the search results.

In this article, you will read how to write articles so that people do not leave your website, but rather stay on the website, or buy your products and leave feedback.

If you’re using Google, Yahoo and so, to find information, then you’re searching for information by keyword. Search engine optimization (SEO) are practices that include techniques, tactics, and tools to increase site traceability and organic traffic.

For example, you are looking for a company that will create a website for you at an affordable price in your location. You will probably enter something like “Prague website creation” into the search engine, you expect maximum performance from the search engine, and the information you are looking for.

Sure, you’ve already encountered a situation where you opened one of the first links in a search results, but you closed the website quickly because the website didn’t answer your questions.

WARNING! If people are leaving your website frequently, your website is a “garbage” for search engines and moves it down the rankings.

Selection of topics and keywords

Before writing an article, do a research. You will find out what you want in the article and where you will search for information.

You can create keyword analysis using the tools you find through the search engine. The analysis will show you several key phrases that match your assignment. You can also notice the searchability of individual phrases in the individual fields.

Do not enter the keyword a hundred times in the text, but it should be included depending on the length of the text. For example, if you have a text with a length of 2 standard pages (hereinafter SP) an adequate number is:

  • 1* in the title;
  • 1* in perex;
  • 1-2* location in H2, possibly in H3;
  • 1* placement in meta description;
  • 1* location in the ALT attribute of the image.

Article length

The reader is interested in the quality of the information you pass on to him. Therefore, focus only on the complete information, but in no case use the text without relevant information. If you beat around the bush in the article for a long time, there is almost 100% certainty that your reader will leave! The search engine will immediately evaluate your website as poor quality, and moves it down the rankings. Of course you don’t want that, so just provide information without unnecessary words!

A quality article that carries full information and is readable to readers is around 1-2SP. If you want to publish an article about 5 SP, try to divide the article into 2-3 parts. The reader will have a reason to return to your website and the articles will be better organized. There are topics, for which the topic can include 2-4SP, it mainly concerns professional or informative texts, which should be kept in a single article for complete content.

Readable article

  1. Follow the title hierarchy – it can be misleading for readers if you have the meta title (H1) at the same level as the H2 or H3 headings.
  2. Length of paragraphs – paragraph should never be longer than five lines, because the text will be confusing for readers.
  3. Set clear rules:
    • abbreviations or not (it is unattractive, if you write once the aka and the second time the also known as); 
    • observe even numerical markings, numerically or textually but never combinations.
  4. Bring the text to life with bullets, numbering or a table – the article is much clearer and more fun for readers.
  5. Highlight the important words with bold – it is proven that most of the population does not read the full text. The reader first makes an overview, scrolling through the website, over the sentences highlighted by bold, to see if he can find the information he is looking for.

In this article, we introduced you to the rules according to which SEO optimization works and how the article should look clear and readible. In the next article, we will introduce you to the essentials that the article should contain before the publication.

If you are interested in anything, do not hesitate to write, we will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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Proper creation of optimized website content

Proper creation of optimized website content

How to increase online sales? Part 3.

You can increase online sales, among other things, by properly compiling the content you publish. Web development is based on optimized content, don’t forget to think about it at the very beginning. The content of your site is intended to dazzle the client, and at the same time should be adapted to search engines.

We are creating optimized content, and full-fledged websites that bring you customers and increase online sales. You can read how it works in the article We build websites that earn and increase demand – Warex.

How to have a website for maximum customer usability

“A usable website is one that allows users to easily work with it.” Viktor Janouch [1]

  • The user immediately understands what information the site presents;
  • the user can easily navigate throught the website;
  • the navigation of the website must be clear and unambiguous;
  • the website has the search functionfor information;
  • the website is responsive to all types of devices and search engines.

When creating a website, you should make sure that it is accessible to all users.

Read more in the article An accessible website is suitable for everyone.

Users don’t read your content

One of the criteria in developing a website is to create it based on how people read on the web. Jacob Nielsen, one of the world’s greatest web usability experts and a researcher in human behavior focused on interaction with a computer, found that:

  • The reader first goes fast through the entire written content;
  • the reader searches for information that corresponds to what he is looking for;
  • For example, highlighted keywords or lists are most interesting. [2]

You can interest the customer, for example, by using emotions or by your overall image. You can read more about this in the article Present yourself and increase online sales.

Search engines and the content of your website

The texts on your website must be written for people but also for search engines, that’s exactly what we do. It is very important to use SEO correctly and also to know the appropriate keywords, so that the user can find easily the website. Good loading performance of the website or descriptions of photos and products (ALT attributes) will also help.


SEO is a major factor for search engines. It specifies the keywords that search engines work with. Here are 6 factors that have a big impact on search optimization:

  • Website title – title;
  • main website title – H1;
  • keywords on the website;
  • keywords (text) in links;
  • backlinks;
  • website indexing. [3]

Keywords should be well represented on the website, we place great emphasis on this. When developing a website, we perform extensive keyword analysis. We will identify the customer’s needs and carefully study the story of the company, according to which we will choose the right keywords.

It is important for the customers to find what they are looking for on the website. You need to be interesting enough and make the website as understandable as possible for customer. That will make users happy and they will more likely return to your site. If you don’t interest the customer with the website, every ad is useless because the customer leaves the websiteimmediately. We can create an optimized websitefor you that will interest people and search engines too, and increase your demand.

We will write more about properly optimized SEO in the next article.

Feel free to contact us at any time and we will help you find a solution.


[1] Janouch, V.: 333 triků pro internetový marketing. Sbírka nejužitečnejších informací, postupů a technik. Brno: Computer Press, a. s., 2011. 278 s. ISBN 978-80-251-3402-3.

[2] https://www.parentcenterhub.org/web-reading/

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